This Cat Is The Third Wheel In A Dog’s Relationship, And Their Photos Are Just Too Funny

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When we hear ‘cats and dogs’, we think of everything but friendship. Even though that’s quite usual, there are a few examples where these totally different animals get along very well. One perfect example is the trio made of Watson and Kiko the Golden Retrievers, and their feline third-wheeler friend, Harry. Their relationship is a true gem and the internet can’t help but appreciate such a rare and sincere friendship. They are the emblem of a harmonious relationship and they prove us humans that differences don’t matter. So to brighten up your day, here are some adorable pictures of the trio, and if you want to see more, remember to head on to their Instagram account.

Meet Kiko and Watson

Tho beautiful labs that became Instagram-famous thanks to their adorable love story

They love hugs…

… and kisses

And they were the one to each other

Until one day…

Harry the cat crashed into their lives

And became the most adorable third wheel ever

This trio is now inseparable

And just can’t image life without a member of the pack