This Cat Has A Mark On His Face That Looks Just Like Another Tiny Cat

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Sometimes Mother Nature decides to have a bit of fun; how else would you explain this kitty who’s born with a facial marking that looks just like a cat?

The kitty, spotted by Twitter user TOKAITRICK_bot, has a little “moustache” that looks like a black cat that’s seen from the side and is lying down.

The decorative marking has got a distinctly feline head with tiny pointed cat-ears and the “body” curves like on a curled-up cat.


It’s crazy how much the marking looks like a resting cat. It’s like this kitty has got his very own tattoo or something.

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He must be turning heads on a daily basis with his cute and amusing look.


We’d never be able to spot this cool cat without stopping to admire him.

After all, the only thing better than a cat is… two cats.


Just look at this cutie and his little “mascot”:

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