This 12 Black Dot Illusion Is Blowing The Internet’s Mind. Can You See The Dots All At Once?

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Sometimes our mind and eyes play tricks on us, and some brilliant people are able to take advantage of these human “bugs” to create some mind bending optical illusions.
This 12 black dot illusion, that recently went viral on Reddit, was developed by biologist Jacques Ninio.
What happens when we look at the grid, is that we aren’t able to see at all the 12 black dots at once, because some of them alternately disappear.
No, this isn’t a GIF, if that’s what you’re thinking.
“When the white disks in a scintillating grid are reduced in size, and outlined in black, they tend to disappear. One sees only a few of them at a time, in clusters which move erratically on the page. Where they are not seen, the grey alleys seem to be continuous, generating grey crossings that are not actually present. Some black sparkling can be seen at those crossings where no disk is seen. The illusion also works in reverse contrast.” Ninio himself explain about this optical illusion. Basically, our mind tries to compensate our poor peripheral vision by “recreating” the regular pattern of gray lines. And it makes a mistake.
(h/t: iflscience)

This 12 Black Dot Illusion Is Blowing The Internet's Mind. Can You See The Dots All At Once?

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