These Beautiful Birds Attract Partners By Looking Like Strawberries During Mating Season

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The natural world is full of little wonders, and the more you learn, the more you realize just how many unique and beautiful creatures we share this planet with.

For example; did you know that there’s a gorgeous bird whose breeding plumage makes them look like strawberries?

The Strawberry Finch, also known as the Red Avadavat, is a small bird who is commonly found in Asia.

They’re similar in size to sparrows, and the females are brown and grey with random white spots.

The males are quite similar in colour to the females when they’re not in mating season.

However, when mating season begins, the males’ plumage transforms into a beautiful, deep, red hue in order to attract mates.

The white spots over the otherwise red body make them look similar to strawberries, which is why they’ve been given their cute name.

These little birds are just incredible to look at. They’re so gorgeous.

Nature never ceases to amaze us!

And we’re not alone in being fascinated by these sweet birds: