The 21 most ridiculous Yugoslav album covers ever.

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As you probably already know the Balkan area composed today by Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia was in the past a unified country called Yugoslavia (Here is the full history, if you’re interested).
These are all beautiful countries, with a strong and ancient culture.
But what caught our attention is its pop and folk music from the 70’s and 80’s. We don’t really know the artists we are reporting in this post, but their album covers are simply hilarious, authentic pieces of art in their ingenuity.
Amateurish lighting, badly cut out faces pasted in place of other people, unexplainable poses and a totally flashiness are just few of the things you will find in these photos.
If you know some more incredible album art coming from any part of the world, please tell us in the comments.

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  1. I just feel that songs in number 9 deserve translation:

    1. I’ll beat the one who listens to the screams
    2. I’m not Metallica
    3. Only withyou
    4. Kill the woman who won’t wash her hair
    5. A drug called crazy
    6. Give her a soap, my friends
    7. What do you need the drugs for, my friend
    8. What you woman need is an alphabet book
    9. You’re wrong, brother, woman
    10. Mother, I don’t know why he listens to the noise
    11. We’re just taking a bath

  2. Almost all Lp albums are parodies or actors who were popular comedians of the time. Photoshop was used on one with the funny names of the songs. However, the singer Saban Bajramovic by Time magazine, was named one of the greatest blues singers.

    • We didn’t know honestly, but we have to say that if the aim was to be ironic they absolutely succeded! Thanks for the explaination Maya!

      • Some of them are ironic, like Ckalja, or Mija Aleksic, but the otheres where just like that. Also now you can find some…just take a look to folk singers in Serbia!

    • What you say here is totally wrong since only numbers 5 and 17 are famous comedians and are meant to be parodies.All the others are authentic albums of various singers,of mainly trash folk music,with the exception of Saban who was very famous gipsy music singer(despite these horrible sleeves)and Leo Martin who was(he’s still alive)popular pop or evergreen or something like that singer in his time.

  3. Parody and irony, people! By the way, which Yugoslavia do you have in mind? These covers were made in Yugoslavia that existed until 1992.

  4. Photoshop at least the adobe one was not even possible when those covers were made. Whit the exception of those which are created idioticaly on purpose they truly are hillarious. But keep in mind that the fashion of that time was uncomentable. If you take lp covers from all over the world that were created in 70s youll find them extremely funny also.

  5. good old fashioned retro yugo fun 😀
    unfortunately already the second sentence of the post (In 2003 it was renamed in Serbia and Montenegro.) is very very very wrong … 🙁

  6. Sorry to say,(this selection had good intentions) but when you selected didn’t you notice the words which remind you of “parody?” Or that some LP look like there were intentionally made this way ( comedians produced LP). Sure, there were LP cover like #21, because as already one poster mentioned, the fashion of the day is now so strange to us.( Cheesy cover like those were found everywhere not only in former Yugoslavia). #3 is Saban Brajamovic, (Romani, Gypsy if you are not familiar with word), what is so funny about it? It is like making fun of a cover with Native American, or someone simmilar. Here is his interesting bio:

    In general the selection is provincial, not because people depicted on the covers, but because the person who made selection didn’t have enough knowledge and have mistaken intentionally comical covers for failures. From anthropological point of view this selection is also very interesting-keep in mind certain prejudices, like of ex. one of the facets of American exceptionalism is branding certain expressions Europe as peasant in negative way, or those of the Western Europeans who view Eastern Europeans as second class citizens. So, ask yourself why you didn’t notice words like “parodije” in the first place, etc. as this is equally ironic as the selection.

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