Sydney Police Department Hired A Meme Team For Their Facebook Page, And It’s Just Hilarious

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In life, we must take everything with a grain of salt and a bit of sense of humor to lighten things up. Sometimes only laughter can lighten the tension and keep despair at bay in dire and difficult situations. With the current trend in memes and companies using them in online campaigns, more sectors catch on and jump into the bandwagon, including Australia’s New South Wales Police Force. It might be hard to believe given the serious nature of their work, but these policemen has some serious wit and humor. Take a look at our favorite picks below and check out their Facebook page for more.
(h/t: distractify)

1. NSWPF’s “Say no more” version

2. That time they ran into Justin Bieber


4. Of course, some sarcasm spices things up. People have been commenting on their hilarious posts and they have a growing number of fans!