Sweet Labrador Takes Care Of A Tiny Stray Kitten Like She’s His Own Puppy And Raises Her Into A Beautiful Cat

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At 13 years old, Pax was hardly expecting to become a parent, but life can be unpredictable.

The senior labrador was living happily with his loving family on their farm and enjoying his golden years.

But one day, Pax and his family heard a sad cry coming from somewhere on the farm, and with that, everything changed.

Polly and Paxton

Pax’s pet-mom, Morgan, heard the cry of a small kitten, and with the help of one of her cats, she was able to find it.

She brought the cat outside with her and the clever kitty was able to lead her to the orphaned kitten.

Polly and Paxton

The little kitten had been left all alone in a tree stump and was crying out for its mother.

Hoping that the momma cat would return, Morgan waited a couple of hours before bringing the kitten in.

Polly and Paxton

But after some time, it was clear that the mother was not returning, and Morgan knew that she had to save the heartbroken little orphan.

Polly and Paxton

Morgan brought the kitten into her house and made it warm and comfortable in her bed.

The little kitten was so young that she needed to be bottle-fed, and her fur and skin were infested with fleas.

Polly and Paxton

The family named the kitten Polly, and slowly nursed her back to health.

They bottle-fed her, got rid of her fleas, and gave her as much love as possible.

Polly and Paxton

One family member, in particular, took an extra serious interest in the wellbeing of the little kitten; Pax.

“Pax loved her from day one,” Morgan told Love Meow.

Pax felt a deep affection for Polly and an intense need to keep her safe and sound.

Polly and Paxton

And Polly seemed to intuitively know that Pax would protect her; after her very first bath, the little cat snuggled up next to Pax and promptly fell asleep.

Polly and Paxton

The two quickly grew very close and Pax would even help out with the feedings; once Polly had been fed Pax would lick her clean and cuddle her.

Polly and Paxton

As Polly grew older, bigger and stronger, the pair could do more things together.

Polly would follow Pax around the house, and Pax would share his toys with his little adopted daughter.

Polly and Paxton

Like a good father, Pax taught her everything he knew, which has resulted in Polly knowing how to “bark”.

Now, Polly is all grown up, and though she’s not a needy little kitten anymore, she and Pax are still as tight as ever.

Polly and Paxton

They love playing together, cuddling up together and Polly even acts more like a dog than a cat.

Polly and Pax are completely inseparable, and they even have a shared Instagram in which they document their beautiful bond.

Polly and Paxton

Pax and Polly may be of different species, but it’s clear that they are, always will be, and were always meant to be, family.

Their love for each other is pure and deep, and they are both incredibly lucky to have found each other.

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