Swedish TV Accidentally Uses Subtitles From Kids Channel Over A Political Debate, And The Result Is Hilarious

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Political issues aren’t really the best ingredients for a great day. They’re usually heavy-hearted and a pain to watch. However, thanks to this Swedish TV channel, political news became a a guaranteed laugh trip session to its viewers when they accidentally paired a political debate with subtitles from a children’s show. The results, captured by Imgur user TheBlondeSwede, are just unbelievably hilarious as the serious debaters began talking about dinosaurs, dolls, and underwater trains. Flip out, roll over the floor, and laugh your heart out with this hilarious barrage of political hullabaloo.
(h/t: boredpanda)

“I will build the best sand castle in the galaxy!”

“Greetings, earth creature. “

“Tickets, please. Good morning, Pteranodon family!”

“Ignore norms, all dinosaurs have different shapes”

“I have two pair of boots, one red and one yellow pair”

” Which one’s should I take? I’m gonna ask my dolls.”

“It’s a shame that there’s no kind of train that can travel underwater without a rail”

” Will you be travelling under the water today? – Yes!”

“The latest invention: The fantastic dinosaur train… submarine!”