Swan ‘Dies Of Broken Heart’ After Teens Destroyed Her Eggs With Bricks

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There are few things as despicable as hurting an animal.

Animals are so pure and innocent and deserve our respect and protection. But instead, some individuals feel the urge to harm these beautiful, innocent souls.

Like the teenagers in Bolton, UK, who cruelly destroyed three of a mother swan’s six eggs, leaving the her heartbroken.


In a solemn Facebook post, a man named Michael James Mason revealed that a local swan had died after losing most of her eggs.

The mother swan had laid six eggs, but lost half of them due to youths smashing them.


The teenage boys were throwing rocks at the nest one day, and managed to smash three eggs.

The already heartbroken swan then lost two more eggs in an unrelated incident, leaving her with a single egg.


After losing five of her precious babies, the swan was completely heartbroken and distraught.

She mourned her unhatched cygnets deeply and all life seemed to drain out of her.


She didn’t even have her partner by her side to get her through her heartache, since her partner disappeared a couple of weeks ago.

He’s assumed to have been driven away by stress.


And it seems as if the pain and grief were too much for her; shortly after losing her eggs, the swan was found dead in her nest.

The poor mother appears to have passed away from a broken heart; the pain and stress of losing her babies and her life partner was simply too painful to overcome.


The RSPCA has said that they are investigating the events leading up to the swan’s death, as swans and their eggs are protected by UK law.

Hopefully, the people responsible for this tragedy will be held responsible, and perhaps this tragic tale will make others think twice about how they choose to treat other creatures.

The response from the public has been filled with outrage and sadness.