Superheroes re-imagined as if they were sponsored by big brands

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In a world where every single space, from the facade of buildings to the equipment of sport teams, is occupied by sponsor, it would be no surprise if superheroes were sponsored too. That’s probably what Italian artist Roberto Vergati Santos thought when he decided to create his series Sponsored Heroes, a brilliant series of images where various superheroes appear in action with their suits sponsored by world renowned brands.
So we can see Batman with Nike’s famous swoosh instead of his classic logo, a super stylish Super Man with an Emporio Armani suit or also the powerful Hulk, probably so strong thanks to his sponsor, the energy drink Monster.

Below you can admire our favorite picks from the series.

As stated by Roberto, the original image credits go to the artist who created the artworks used in this series: Admira Wijaya, Jim Lee, David Finch, Alex Ross, Derek Laufman, Ryan Meinerding, Alex Maleev, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Carlo Pagulayan, Jorge Pepelife, Adi Granov, Phil Noto.

Take a look at Roberto Vergati’s Behance to see the complete set of images.

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superheroes-sponsored-16 superheroes-sponsored-13




superheroes-sponsored-5 superheroes-sponsored-6 superheroes-sponsored-7

Super Man

superheroes-sponsored-8 superheroes-sponsored-9

Iron Man

superheroes-sponsored-14 superheroes-sponsored-15

Captain America

superheroes-sponsored-12 superheroes-sponsored-11


superheroes-sponsored-3 superheroes-sponsored-10 superheroes-sponsored-4

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