Every Monday, 2 anonymous students sneak into a classroom. What they do there is totally brilliant!

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There is something incredible going on at the Columbus College of Art and Design, something that probably didn’t happen in any other place before now.
Every Sunday or Monday night, two senior students in Advertising and Graphic Design, sneak into a vacant classroom to create some amazing chalkboard art.
Their name are still unknown, and they are known only with their pseudonym Dangerdust.
Although they are certainly busy with their studies, every week they take the time to create something beautiful and blow everyone’s mind.

The process of creating one of their masterpieces can take up to 11 hours!
Let’s take a look at some of their amazing designs (you can see more from them on their social accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Behance).

Here’s what they create…


…every Sunday or Monday night.


They sneak into an empty classroom


And design some amazing masterpieces


Inspired by famous quotes


Until now they’ve created designs inspired by people like…


Banksy, Ellen Lupton, Claude Debussy, Nicole Jacek, Tavi Gevinson, J.M. Barrie, Stefan Sagmeister, Bill Cosby, Jessica Hirsche, Nelson Mandela and more.


Have you ever seen something like this before?


Everything is created in just one take, that could be up to 11 hours long.


They use just cheap, plain chalks.

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It’s the very first time I see something like this, and I really hope they will keep up their incredible work.
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