Striking black and white photography by Benoit Courti

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Black and white is one of the tools a photographer can use to communicate. Unfortunately sometimes people abuse it, and often amateurs use it to “fix” a bad looking picture.

It’s rare to find a real master of black and white photography, but today we can introduce you the work of one of them. His name is Benoit Courti and he is a French photographer based in Paris.

His b&w imagery is simply stunning, as well as technically flawless and we’re sure you’ll be enthralled by his emotional pieces of art.

Photographer transforms ordinary people in epic athletes using perfect lighting and a rain machine

Take a look at his personal website too: Benoit Courti

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black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-1 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-2
black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-3 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-4
black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-5 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-6
black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-7 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-8
black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-9 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-10
black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-11 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-12
black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-13 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-14 black-and-white-photography-benoit-courti-16


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