Stray Kitten Chooses His New Dad In A Park, And Wouldn’t Let Him Go

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One summer while Kawasaki Hina was going through his usual route when commuting, he walked through a park when suddenly, a little stray kitten started following him. At first, he thought she was just being friendly but apparently, the cat had other plans. According to Love Meow, the cat would chase Kawasaki’s feet and stand on his shoes. He tried to leave her behind her by walking on opposite directions but the cat kept following him. The stray kitten latched on to Kawasaki and she was so persistent and stubborn. She was a cat on a mission. It was apparent how determined the stray cat was in making Kawasaki her human. She chose Kawasaki and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Amused and feeling touched by the cat’s gesture, Kawasaki went home with her and decided to give the cat a forever home. Kawaski named her Vell-chan and immediately after bringing her home, the cat snuggled on to his side and felt so at home in Kawasaki’s house, as if she knew she was going to live there forever.

An hour later, the kitten slept like a baby and in a few days, she took over Kawasaki’s bed. It was such an amusing sight and Kawasaki admits to love Vell-chan to bits.

He thinks of this cat as his family. Vell-chan is happy and content in her forever home and accompanies Kawasaki wherever he goes or whatever he does. She still follows him everywhere just like the first day they met.

Sometimes we chose our pets, but most times, they’re the ones who choose us, like this story of Vell-chan and her human, Kawasaki Hina. Check out cute photos of Vell-chan below.