Stray Kitten Approaches Man In Parking Lot And ‘Begs’ To Be Adopted

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Sometimes you need to be bold if you want to change your luck.

And sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help and be open about what you need.

This little stray kitty decided to take his life into his own paws, and when he approached Jason Belisha and begged him to take him home, his life was forever changed.

Jason Belisha

Jason Belisha was walking across a parking lot in Decatur, Georgia when he heard a pleading meow.

A tiny stray kitten was hiding under a car, and when Belisha bent down to investigate the sound, the little kitty came out to greet him.

Despite being a stray, the kitty was not scared of Belisha and it proceeded to sniff Belisha and rub up against him.

Belisha petted the kitten then continued his walk but soon found that the kitten was determined to follow him.

Jason Belisha

The little kitten trailed him and kept meowing to catch his attention, and Belisha understood that the kitten needed something from him.

The kitten looked cold and wet, and after looking around, Belisha realized that the poor kitty was all alone in the world.

Jason Belisha

Belisha knew he couldn’t leave the crying kitten all alone in the parking lot, so he put it inside his car and took it to a shelter.

He as hoping that perhaps the kitten had an owner somewhere, or perhaps the shelter could take it in.

Jason Belisha

To his dismay, the shelter couldn’t find an owner for the kitty and was unable to take the kitten in.

This put Belisha in a tough spot, though deep down he knew there was no way he was leaving the kitten to its faith.

Jason Belisha

Even though his current life situation didn’t make it possible for him to adopt a kitten, he took the little kitty back home with him.

“He was naturally super friendly and sweet,” Jason said in an interview with Love Meow and said that the kitten even made friends with his pup.

The kitten spent a week with Belisha who grew very fond of the little guy and eventually managed to arrange for a friend to adopt the kitten.

Jason Belisha

It all worked out perfectly; the little kitten has been blessed with a wonderful forever home and is regularly visited by his kind saviour, Belisha, who is thrilled to still have the kitten in his life.

Belisha is so glad that the cat is doing well and he’s very happy that he was able to make sure that it got the loving home it deserved.