Stray Dog Patiently Waits Outside Subway Every Night For A Free Meal, And Goes Viral As ‘Subway Sally’

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This sweet pooch has earned herself a cute nickname after visiting Subway every day for a year.

Subway Sally is a stray pup who has made it her habit to visit Subway every night and wait for something to eat.

The kind staff always prepares a free meal for her and makes sure that she gets some fresh water too.

Last week, Subway Sally went viral after one of the staff members featured her on his TikTok.


The staff member, posting under the TikTok handle Kxnuko, posted a short clip of Subway Sally with captions explaining who she was and what she was doing there.


The clip quickly went viral and already has over 3 million views and over 32 thousand comments.

People were desperate to learn more about Sally, so Kxnuko posted a follow-up video.


In the video, Sally is going to town on some chicken and turkey and is being served a dish of water.

After filming Sally, the video switches to a view of Kxnuko who shares more information about the sweet stray.


He explains that Sally looks so nice and clean, despite being a stray,  because a woman working in the nearby flower shop tends to groom her.

He also reveals that Sally – while partial to Subway – will sometimes head over to Taco Bell if she has to wait too long for her Subway meal.


Kxnuko also explains that he doesn’t want to bring Sally to a shelter since the closest shelter is quite far away and has a high kill rate.

In a comment on his videos, Kxnuko also reveals that multiple people have in fact tried to take Sally in but nobody has been able to convince her to come with them.


For now, this sweet girl seems to be content with getting food, love and attention from her friends at Subway and all the other members of the community who keep an eye out for her.