Stray Cat Shows Up To Comfort Exhausted Nurse On His Break

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Flaty is training to be a nurse and is currently doing his internship at a hospital in Egypt.

His workload is incredibly taxing, but Flaty is powering through his shifts with impressive drive and dedication.

And though his breaks are few and far between, a little kitty decided to make one of his breaks as comforting and reinvigorating as possible.

Ahmed Flaty

Flaty was sitting outside the hospital with his friend and colleague when a little stray kitty walked up to him, climbed onto his lap, curled up, and fell asleep.

Flaty was surprised but touched by the little kitten’s trust in him, as stray animals in Egypt are often treated poorly and are, for that reason, wary of people.

Ahmed Flaty

But this little kitten was craving affection and company, and perhaps she sensed that Flaty could use a little comfort too.

She spent 20 minutes sleeping in Flaty’s lap before getting up and walking away.

The unexpected cuddle session left Flaty feeling better than he had in months.

Ahmed Flaty

“I had been on 12-hour shift continuously for like 20 days straight but that cat made all that seem like nothing,” Flaty told The Dodo, and said that meeting her was the best moment of his year.

Flaty hasn’t seen the little stray since their beautiful moment together, but he’s keeping an eye out for her every time he goes on break, and he’s deeply thankful for the serenity and comfort she brought him.

This touching story has resonated with many people.