Stray Cat Kept Coming To Police Department, So Cops Built Her A ‘Cat Condo’

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It’s not a secret that most of the times people don’t get to choose their cat, but is the cat the one who chooses them, and the Boston Police Department’s SWAT Team is no exception. One day, a stray cat started to show up on a daily basis at their headquarters. They named her ‘SWAT Cat’ and she slowly became the police department’s mascot.
They fed her and took care of her, and she greeted them whenever they returned from a call. However, SWAT Cat had no intention to become an indoor cat, no matter how much they tried to keep her safe and comfortable inside their headquarters. She just wanted to live outside.
One day, officer Jamie Pietroski came up with the idea to build a cat condo for SWAT Cat. He stayed after work hours for several days, just to create a cozy home for the her. SWAT Cat’s very own pet condo has glass sliding doors, a large deck for outdoor activities, and a roomy studio layout inside.
The cat condo looks stylish and comfortable so it’s no surprise that SWAT Cat happily moved in immediately, and she can now live in a cozy home without giving up her life as an outdoor cat.

One day, a cat found its way into the headquarters of the Boston Police Department’s SWAT Team.

They named her ‘SWAT Cat’ and she has stayed with them since then.

They wanted to keep her indoors to keep her comfortable and safe. However, SWAT Cat didn’t want to give up her life as an outdoor cat.

Officer Jamie Pietroski decided to create a cat condo for SWAT Cat. He stayed up late for several days to build a great home for her.

SWAT Cat now lives in a comfortable and stylish home. The cat condo has a roomy studio interior layout, glass sliding doors, and a spacious deck for her outdoor activities.