Stray Cat Goes To Store Everyday To Convince People To Buy Him Treats, Until A Caring Human Comes To Adopt Him

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Around the globe, there are millions of cats without a home.

These cats and kittens are left to fend for themselves and some of these cats are getting quite crafty in order to keep themselves fed.

Recently, a clever stray positioned itself outside a store in Mexico in wait for a suitable mark.

The kitty found the perfect target in Tania Sants, who was on her way to do a bit of shopping when her eyes fell on the sweet kitty outside the shop.

Tania Sants

Sants could not resist giving the sweet cat a few pats but she soon realised that the kitty was less interested in cuddles and more interested in what was waiting inside the store; the cat led Sants inside then firmly guided her down a specific aisle and finally managed to coax her to a particular spot; the cat food section.

Sants realised that the clever and highly persuasive cat wanted her to buy him some cat treats.

Obviously, she couldn’t turn the sweet little guy down, so she obliged and bought him some tasty snacks.

Tania Sants

On her next visit to the shop, Sants half-expected to see her new friend loitering outside the shop but there was no sign of him.

That is until she entered the shop and found him waiting expectantly by the cat treats.

Sants grew curious about the charming yet demanding kitty and asked the shop attendants about him.

They revealed that the cat had made it a habit to come in every day and convince customers to buy him treats, before disappearing again.

Tania Sants

Nobody knew where he came from or where he disappeared to each day or even whether he was a stray or if he had a home somewhere.

Sants grew concerned about the kitty and decided to investigate whether he was a stray or not.

Sants bought him his treats and then secretly followed him as he made his escape.

That’s how she found out that the kitty’s “home” was simply an empty piece of land by the side of the road.

Tania Sants

He was a stray with no real home and no family, but that was about to change.

Sants decided to bring him home and adopt him.

Now the beautiful kitty’s got a new mommy, a kitty-sibling, all the treats he could ever wish for, and he just couldn’t be happier.

Sants is so happy to have him as part of her family and is determined to give him all the love and care he deserves.

Now, watch this precious clip of him carefully leading Sants to the treats:

And there is more, the cat is now named Conejo, and has his own Instagram account, which boasts over 20,000 followers.

Here are some photos of Conejo living his dream life in his new forever home.