See that tiny spot in the mountains? Doesn’t seem anything special. But when you look closer… WOW!

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There is this place almost at the top of the Matterhorn, one of the highest mountains of the Swiss Alps, where I would absolutely love to go, since it’s one of the most spectacular (and exclusive) spots of the entire Alps.

The place I’m talking about is the Solvayhütte, which is the highest hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club. While almost all the other huts are supposed to be used by climbers as a shelter, the Solvayhütte can only be used in case of extreme emergencies.

It is located at 13,133 ft (4,003 m) of altitude, and its location is one of the most spectacular things we’ve ever seen, and one of the most precarious as well.

The sight from the Solvayhütte is so incredible that I would definitely love to go there. By helicopter.

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The Solvayhütte is that tiny point on the Matterhorn.


I wonder how difficult it was to build a hut on that ridge.


Look at that! The sight must be beautiful, but also a little scary!


This hut should be used only in case of emergencies…


…but there are a lot of tourist that not caring of prohibitions visit it every year.


They rest a little bit and enjoy the incredible sight.


The was built in 1915, in only 5 days.


It’s named after Ernest Solvay, Belgian inventor and businessman…


…who financed the construction of this hut.

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