Sneaky Cat Steals Cookies From Tupperware And Takes A Bite From Each One Of Them

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Who amongst us hasn’t fallen for the siren song of an illicit snack once or twice?

I think we’ve all snuck our hands into the cookie jar when we weren’t supposed to, or surreptitiously weaselled a couple of chips out of someone else’s bag.

When the urge to snack sets in, it’s just so hard to resist.

So, let’s not judge this sweet little thief too hard:

Nellie is a cute little kitten with a passion for snacking. The calico’s urge to snack is so strong that her parents have had to start hiding their food in an attempt to keep it safe.

But alas, the peckish kitten regularly outsmarts them.

Allison Riebel

The Dodo spoke to Allison Riebel, Nellie’s mom, who told them that Nellie has been crazy about food ever since she was adopted by Riebel and her partner.

They think Nellie acts more like a dog than a cat, and they’ve been able to teach her several tricks by using treats as an incentive.

But while Nellie’s passion for treats has been a useful tool for training, it’s also meant that Riebel and her partner have to try and hide food from Nellie to stop her from eating it.

But no matter how well they protect their food, Nellie always seems to get to it.

Allison Riebel

Recently, Riebel baked some cookies which she meant to share with the volunteers at Wildlife Medical Clinic, where she is also a volunteer.

To protect the cookies, she placed them in a Tupperware container and assumed that Nellie wouldn’t be able to open the lid and steal them.

But oh, how wrong she was.

Nellie somehow got the lid open and began taking the cookies out one by one. Reibel, once she’d discovered the theft, theorized that Nellie had taken the cookies out one by one, and done it very quietly, in order to not break any cookies and not make any noise that could alert her parents.

Allison Riebel

Unfortunately for Nellie, she accidentally knocked something over before her feast was over and Riebel caught the sneaky kitty in the act.

Riebel came into the kitchen only to find that Nellie had spread the cookies out over the floor and had taken a bite out of Every. Single. Cookie.

Nellie was brazenly unapologetic and just seemed pleased that she’d managed to acquire such a tasty treat for herself.

After Nellie’s heist has been documented online, people from all over the world have shared a laugh about the snackish cat, with some people sharing their own stories of adorable food-thieves.

At the end of the day, Riebel is not too cross with her sweet little thief. That’s one of the perks of being so cute; you can get away with almost anything.

Riebel will just have to find a better hiding place for next time. Game on, Nellie!