Sneaky Cat Keeps Stealing Food From The Fridge, Has No Idea His Family Is Keeping An Eye On Him

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Carrot thinks he’s quite the little ninja.

The mischievous cat loves to sneak around the house and surprise his pet-parents by jumping out from different hiding spots or swatting their legs as they walk past him.

Carrot thinks he’s an expert at stealth, but in reality, his parents tend to know exactly what he’s up to.

Rachel Zardus

Normally, Carrot’s sneaky games are pretty harmless, but he’s recently added a new game to his repertoire; when Carrot’s pet-mom Rachel Zardus or Zardus’s boyfriend open the fridge, Carrot sticks his arm through the gap in the door and tries to get hold of the items inside.

Rachel Zardus

Carrot loves this new sneaky game, but he doesn’t realize that he’s putting his little arm in a lot of danger.

Carrot thinks he’s being super sneaky, but luckily for him, Zardus and her boyfriend know exactly what he’s up to.

Rachel Zardus

They let Carrot think they don’t know what he’s up to, but they are both very careful to look for his little arm before closing the fridge door.

“He’s always doing sneaky stuff,” Zardus told the Dodo.

Rachel Zardus

They’ve even put a reminder in the fridge, to make sure that their little, sneaky boy doesn’t get hurt.

So far, there have been no accidents, but Zardus is trying to figure out a way of sealing the gap to make sure it stays that way.

Rachel Zardus

Meanwhile, Carrot is having a blast and is so proud of himself for out-smarting his parents.

And Zardus and her boyfriend don’t mind letting Carrot believe that he’s a sneaky, stealthy genius; they’re just happy he’s having fun.

Online, people have been enjoying Carrot’s antics and shared stories of their own sneaky cats.