98% of people will answer this simple test the same exact way. Are you in the 2%? MIND-BLOWING!

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I’ve taken this test myself and my mind was literally blown away. When I figured out I was in the 98% of people who answered the same exact way to this test I have to admit I was a bit surprised, who doesn’t hope to be a little “special” after all?

It’s a fascinating brain game, and for a correct outcome it’s crucial you follow the instructions as quickly as possible and most important, don’t use a calculator!

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Ready? Set… Go!


How did it go? Are you in the 98% of people who answered “red hammer” (or maybe just red or hammer)? Or are you in the minority 2% of people who answered differently? Let us know which tool and color you thought about in the comments!

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  1. No red hammer for me. My thoughts turned to a Black Belt-sander. Craftsman to be exact. And even if I had thought of a hammer it would not have been a red one.

  2. 1st Response (Honestly): Blue JayZ
    Close 2nd (and more PC), Response: Purple! Erhm. Hammer….

    Que Sera Sera…

  3. Pink Hand-drill…

    As it said you don’t need to write down or remember the answers I didn’t even do the maths questions at the beginning cause it was pointless haha

  4. Lol all the cments I’ve seen there aren’t too many red hammers lol I got blue wrench so like maybe the 2% is incorrect seeing as how very few guessed red hammer lol

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