Shop Owner Installs A Glass Ceiling For His Cats So They Can Spy On Him All Day Long

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Cats are nothing if not curious, and though it may sometimes feel eerie to be under constant surveillance, it is also kind of nice to know that at least someone finds your life utterly fascinating.

This shop owner has really embraced his cats’ sneaky ways and has added a special feature to his shop to give his cats the best spy experience ever.

There’s a bit of space above the shop’s ceiling, and the man has turned this space into a little “attic” for his cats to hang out in.

What makes it so special, though, is that he has also replaced a few of the ceiling tiles with glass tiles, which means that his cats have a perfect birds-view of the shop and everyone in it.


The cats are free to lounge around in the attic and can keep a close eye on everything that goes on in the shop.

They’re like little furry CCTV-cameras, and they make sure that nobody gets up to any funny business on their watch.


The view from below is both hilarious and disconcerting, and we can only imagine the shock some unsuspecting customers must feel when they suddenly discover that they are being watched.

After all, it is not every day a floating cat gives you the side-eye while you shop.


In return for their indispensable services as security devices, the cats only ask for one simple thing; to be fed on time.

But alas, sometimes their meals may be delayed by several seconds -perhaps even minutes! –  which of course results in them having to trash their home to teach their human a lesson.

Totally understandable.


But all in all, this adorable little arrangement seems to be working perfectly.

The shop is safe, the cats are happy, the customers are…surprised, and Twitter and the rest of the internet are thoroughly charmed and amused.

We think all shops should consider implementing this cuddly and sophisticated security system.