Shelter Lets Dogs And Cats Pick Out Their Gifts From Under The Tree For Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner and we can’t get enough of this sweet story of Christmas cheer.

A shelter in Iowa let their sweet, furry dependents share in the Christmas spirit by letting them pick out their own gifts from under the Christmas tree.

Both dogs and cats were allowed to pick out a gift from the pile of toys provided by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s “Tree of Life” project and their excitement was absolutely heartwarming.

The animals’ sheer joy and excitement were evident as they rushed to the tree.

Some pups took their time sniffing out the perfect gift…

…while others threw themselves over the pile and grabbed the first toy they saw.

All of them were beaming with happiness.

And all of them were incredibly grateful.

The cats also got to pick out their toys.

Though they seemed to prefer to play with them right there on the pile of gifts.

The Tree of Life project provides the shelter with enough toys and food to last them months, ensuring that everyone has both a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Watch the shelter pets pick out their gifts and get ready to be flooded with Christmas spirit.