Shelter Cat Was Put In Solitary Confinement For Repeatedly Helping Fellow Cats Escape From Their Room

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Quilty is the cutest little freedom fighter we’ve ever seen. He’s recently gotten himself in trouble for freeing his friends from their… nice, cozy room at the shelter. We suppose that in Quilty’s mind a gilded cage is still a cage.

The clever cat lives at the Friends For Life shelter in Houston, Texas, and he’s started opening the door to the shelter’s senior-cats room and letting everyone out.

He’s been opening the door multiple times a day and the exasperated staff has had no choice but to put him in detention.

And Quilty has had no choice but to protest. Profusely.

In order to thwart Quilty’s efforts to free his friends, Quilty was temporarily removed from the room while the staff  ”Quilty-proofed” it.

Then, as part of returning to the room, Quiliy needed to spend some time in the integration kennel.

Every cat who joins the room has to spend time in the integration kennel first, but Quilty was very displeased with being put in involuntary isolation.

So displeased, in fact, that he decided to escape.

Quilty escaped up to five times, both from the integration kennel and the cat room itself, but was “unfortunately” caught each time.

Perhaps he would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t used his freedom to stalk the shelter staff and interrupt their meetings. Quilty might know how to get out, but he’s not so good at staying out.

He was always very upset about being returned to his cell and his grumpy mood was bad enough that staff at one point referred to him as a ‘spicy A – hole.’

The internet, however, has given its full support to Quilty and protested his unfair imprisonment. People have been calling for the little prisoner’s release and voiced their support for his radical ways.

The support has been overwhelming. A little-known fact, however, is that Quilty is a repeat offender: when he was living with his last family, he used to open the doors and let the family’s dogs into the house.

Quilty is clearly incorrigible, but let’s be honest, that only makes us love him more.

To everyone’s delight, Quilty’s days of imprisonment are soon over. He’s recently spent some time with a lovely family that doesn’t mind his taste for justice, and that lets him snuggle up in bed with them.

We are so happy for our favourite little felon and his new family. We’re sure he’ll teach his new dog-siblings a trick or two.