Service Dog In Training Comforts Exhausted ER Doctors On The Frontline Of The Emergency

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While these are trying times for us all, nothing compares to the pressure our healthcare professionals are under.

These brave and dedicated people are at the frontline of this global emergency and are risking their own safety for the good of others.

They are under extreme amounts of stress and many are not only physically exhausted but emotionally drained too.

But Wynn, a sweet yellow labrador, is doing her best to provide the dedicated staff at Rose Medical Center in Denver with emotional support.


Wynn is a one-year-old pup who is training to become a service dog.

Emergency physician Susan Ryan, who works at Rose Medical Center, is currently in charge of Wynn’s training, and right now the pair is focusing on providing comfort and happiness to the hospital staff while they fight the novel coronavirus.


Wynn is working out of the social workers’ office which has been set up with soothing music and mood lighting to create a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

Doctors and nurses are welcome to visit the office for some face-time with Wynn when they need a moment to relax and regroup.


Simply petting a dog can do wonders for a person’s stress levels, and Wynn is happy to be of help.

Wynn and Ryan both know how important it is to take care of the people who are so heroically taking care of the rest of the world.

The staff is under an enormous amount of pressure, now more than ever, and Wynn offers them a moment to relax, collect themselves, and tend to their own mental and emotional well-being.


Wynn is doing an excellent job so far, and Ryan is very proud of the good little girl.

Wynn’s been going to the hospital with Ryan since she was only eight weeks old, and she just loves helping others; nothing makes her happier than going to work with Ryan and putting smiles on faces.

Considering how well she’s already doing, Wynn will without a doubt become an excellent service dog.


Wynn is truly an amazing pup and we’re so proud of her for supporting the heroic people of Rose Medical Center.

And online, the good girl and the brave medical staff have received tons of support from the grateful public:

We’re so thankful for all the amazing health care professionals who are out there fighting for us and doing their best to get us all through this crisis.

And we’re glad that there are pups like Wynn out there, who are doing their best to provide these people with strength and comfort in these trying times.

Wynn is doing a wonderful job and this lovable little pup was clearly born to spread love, hope and happiness.