Selfless Nurse Cat Who Survived Deadly Disease Now Looks After His Cat Friends At The Shelter

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We hear success stories all the time, but none is more inspiring than a story of someone who survived, beat the odds, and gave back. In this case, it is a cat named Radamenes who escaped death’s doors and is now giving back in the most incredible way. Not everyday you get to hear about a cat going out of his way to help his fellow animals, but this is exactly what Radamenes does every day since he got healthier. Read the story of this incredible kitty and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Rademenes is definitely one inspiring cat.

Meet Radamenes.

Radamenes was rescued from the streets of Bydgoszcz, Poland, with a bad respiratory infection.

Vets thought they would have had to put him down but, after hearing him purr, they worked hard to save him.

Radamenes survived the illness and is now giving back in the most amazing way.

Staff in the rescue clinic started noticing him hugging and licking the other sickly animals.

He’s offering comfort and standing by fellow patients’ side.

Whenever another patient is about to get a serious operation, Radamenes is quick to offer his support.

He uses tocuddle, soothe, and even clean other animals!

Now Dubbed as “Nurse Cat“, Radamenes has become a local celebrity for his work.

Good job, Nurse Radamenes!