Samsung Introduces New TV Packaging That Can Be Converted Into A Cat House

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All cat-parents know how much cats love cardboard boxes; you buy them a cool new toy or a fancy new cat tree and you find that they’re more interested in the box it came in.

Well, the best thing to do is to just lean into it and embrace it. At least, that’s probably what Samsung thinks.

Samsung Electronics has announced new eco-friendly packaging for its TV line-up “Lifestyle” as a step towards reducing their environmental footprint.

The packaging is made from eco-friendly cardboard and encourages reuse by doubling as a fun cat house!

The packaging box comes with a dotted matrix pattern and also has a QR code that takes users to a manual with detailed instructions on how to turn the packaging into things such as a magazine rack, a shelf or a cat house.

Considering how much packaging TV’s demand, it’s great that it can be turned into something useful instead of simply being discarded, and we know all the little cats and kittens are going to be so pleased.

Samsung’s new eco-friendly TV packaging can be repurposed into cute cat houses.


It’s a dream come true for every cardboard-obsessed kitty out there.


The boxes come marked with a dot matrix and a QR code that takes you to a handy manual.


You can also make a cool shelf or a magazine rack. But lets be real…


… your kitty will play with it anyway!


People loved the idea, but acknowledged that every box is by definition a cat house…