Rescuers Thought A Missing 4-year-old Was Dead, But 11 Days Later They Made An Incredible Discovery

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Lost, cold, and deep in the dense Siberian forest are not good circumstances for a young girl all alone. Yet this is exactly the situation young Karina Chikitova found herself in. Not quite alone, however, as she had her dog Kyrachaan with her. After 11 days of rigorous search, the rescue and search party was on the verge of giving up, when Karina’s dog Kyrachaan came to them and lead them to where she was. Scared and weak from hunger, the first thing Karina said when they found her was, “Why did you leave me?” to her faithful companion. (h/t: shareably)

Hundreds of people went to search for Karina but after 11 days of futile search efforts, they were about to give up. When Kyrachaan showed up, their hope was renewed and they kept searching.

They found Karina in the tall grass a few miles away from her home. She survived drinking water and eating berries, with Kyrachaan as her brave sentinel against the cold and the wild.

Their story became popular and having inspired many with their friendship, a monument in their honor was erected at the Yakutsk Airport.

Here is a video about Karina and Kyrachaan’s story