Rescuers Are Nursing Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub Saved From Wildfire Back To Health

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A wildfire is currently ravaging the Shasta County of California and is leaving unfathomable destruction in its wake.

It has caused significant damage to both human life and property and has been especially devastating for the local wildlife.

On Sunday, a mountain lion cub found himself trapped by the wildfire but was luckily found and rescued by a firefighter who was able to get him to the Oakland Zoo for treatment.

Oakland Zoo

The little cub’s paws were severely burned and his whiskers had been singed off.

An x-ray showed that the cub had, thankfully, not broken any bones and had not sustained any critical damage to his lungs as a result of smoke inhalation.

However, the soft tissue of the cub’s paws showed significant damage and the cub was in dire need of pain medication. The little mountain lion also required antibiotics to stave off any infections, and he also needed extra fluids.

Oakland Zoo

Apart from the damage to his paws, the cub was also found to be experiencing irritation of his eyes.

But all in all, the cub had gotten lucky. The very fact that he’d even gotten out of the fire alive was a miracle in and of itself.

The little cub, who was only between four and six weeks old, weighed less than four pounds and had to be fed formula through a syringe.

Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo has sought help from the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital to treat the little cub, and are very proud over how the community has come together to protect the wildlife during this time of crisis.

The Oakland Zoo, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Cal Fire, UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital and the Shasta County Sherriff’s Department are all working collaboratively to minimize the hurt and damage to the wildlife.

Oakland Zoo

Even under normal circumstances, the Oakland Zoo regularly offers the California Department of Fish and Wildlife their help, resources and expertise when it comes to protecting the wildlife.

They have, for example, been known to step in and care for mountain lions which have been struck by cars, and the CDFW have expressed their deep gratitude for their fantastic support.

Oakland Zoo

As of now, the little cub is still being treated for his burns, but his prognosis is positive.

Due to the skilled veterinary team and the Oakland Zoo’s unwavering dedication, the little cub will hopefully be successfully healed and rehabilitated.

Oakland Zoo

Since he’s now an orphan, the cub will not be able to return to the wild after he’s recovered.

He is far too young to survive on his own and will therefore have to be placed in the care of an accredited zoo that will be able to give him a long and happy life.

Oakland Zoo

Thanks to the brave fireman, the Oakland Zoo, and all the countless others who did their utmost to help him, this little cub has been given a second chance at life, and we are so grateful for that.

Seeing how much bravery, compassion and dedication people are mustering up to protect wild animals is heartwarming and inspires so much hope and faith in humanity and the future.