Rescue Dog Meets His ‘Twin From Another Mother’ On The Street And Convinces Mom To Bring Him Home

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Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend were already living with 2 senior cats and a young rescue dog named Rogue. That made them hesitant to get a new dog, even if they really wanted to. They were going to rent an apartment and thought no one would allow two people, two cats, and two dogs to rent their place. One day, Coleman was walking with Rogue through the local farmer’s market, and something caught their attention. It was definitely not the fresh produce that she was all eyes for, but a dog that looked just like Rogue. Coleman knew it was destiny that brought them together, so they adopted that 8-month-old puppy, and named him Beast. Although Rogue was used to being the only dog in the family, he treated Beast as he was his twin separated at birth.
Today they all live in the Hawaii, and they have created a bond nothing in the world could ever break. Check out Coleman’s Instagram account to keep up with their adventures, and scroll down to see more.

Bethany and her boyfriend were already living with 2 senior cats and a young rescue dog, Rogue. This made them hesitant to adopt another dog.

They also had to consider the fact that they were just renting a place. But it was not until they laid eyes on Rogues ‘twin from another mother’ that they decided to forgo the hesitation.

It was a definite beautiful day when they saw the dog, and they knew it was destiny that made their paths cross.

“Rogue and I had love at first sight with him,” Coleman told The Dodo. “He looked just like Rogue, same size (at that time), same coat … they are both cairn [terrier] mixes. We get asked all the time if they’re brother and sister.”

They took the dog, named him Beast, and welcomed him into the family.

When Beast became a part of the family, Rogue had some adjustments to do. She was used to being the only dog in the family, and often, she would have little fights with Beast.

“We’d get Beast and Rogue the same exact toys at first but she would only want whatever Beast had and would always take it from him,” Coleman told The Dodo.

In spite of all their differences they just learned to complement each other and they are now the best of friends.

“Beast is the big baby and my cuddlebug who competes with the cats for lap space,” Coleman added.

“Rogue was super hyper when she was an only dog but has definitely mellowed out now that she’s got a boyfriend.”

Now that the family moved to Hawaii, they already have created a bond nobody could break.

“Our adventure across the country together proved this little family will always be together,” Coleman said.

“[We] will always appreciate each day for the unconditional love they give us and we can’t wait for the next adventure.”

“I jokingly say we’re starting our [own] little Noah’s ark,” Coleman added. “Two humans, two cats and two dogs.”