Rescue Dog Hugs News Reporter Until He Decides To Adopt Her

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When you know, you know.

At least, such was the case for this beautiful shelter pup who, at the mere sight of him, gave her heart to a visiting reporter and chose him as her family.

The reporter was visiting the animal shelter to do a story and he was not expecting to find a new family member.

But while walking around the shelter, the reporter was approached by a very special pup who was about to completely steal his heart.

The shelter pup walked up to the man without any fear or shyness, and surprised everyone by embracing the reporter in a heartfelt hug.

The reporter was surprised, but happy, and returned her affection with some loving pats.

This encouraged the lovelorn pup even more, who hugged his leg even tighter.

It seemed like the pup, somewhere deep in her soul, knew that she and the reporter were meant for each other.

They had a connection that she simply couldn’t deny, and luckily, neither could he; the reporter ended up adopting the sweet dog and giving her a loving home!

Their gripping story is truly amazing, and to make it even better, their serendipitous first meeting was caught on camera.

It’s easy to get teary-eyed watching the pup cling to her new daddy, and we’re so glad that they found each other.

Their story has stirred up a lot of emotions online and touched many hearts.