Jack Russell Adorably Fails Agility Course, But Has Everyone In Stitches

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A video of a Jack Russell’s performance at the Crufts dog show is making the internet laugh. The dog, named Olly, failed the first obstacle, but this didn’t stop him from running freely around the obstacle course and improvising his run. The audience went crazy for the dog’s energetic and quirky performance. He just went in and had the time of his life.
Even the announcer couldn’t hide his amusement at Olly’s funny antics, and his contagious laughs can be heard all throughout the video. He went through the different obstacles with so much spunk and enthusiasm.
Olly may have failed the agility course, but his performance definitely won the heart of the audience. He was able to put a smile on everyone’s face, so, if you’re having a bad day, just watch the hilarious video at the end of the post and make it a little bit better.

This adorable Jack Russell’s performance at the Crufts dog show is making everyone laugh online.

The dog, Olly, failed the first obstacle.

However, he certainly made up for it by showing a lot of enthusiasm and energy while completing the obstacle course.

He improvised his run and just wildly ran around the course area.

The announcer couldn’t stop laughing as Olly ran around, jumping from one obstacle to the next.

Olly was almost flying at one point.

Though he initially failed, he was able to entertain the audience and had the time of his life in the meantime.

Olly’s performance will definitely go down in Crufts dog show’s history.

Watch the full video below and have your daily laugh.