Rescue Cat And Dog Love To Go On Adventures Together, And Their Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

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Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are blessed with the company of their pets, Henry the dog and Baloo the cat, who instantly became the best of friends. Just like the couple, Henry and Baloo love outdoor adventures, and they often go on camping and hiking trips together. Henry was the first addition to the family, and it was evident for them to see his thirst for the outdoors when they took him with them on his first hike. Not long after that trip, Bennett found Baloo the cat at a local shelter, and it soon turned out the little feline is an adventurer at heart too. When Baloo first met Henry it was instantly clear they were meant to be best friends for life. They became inseparable and their friendship grew stronger as they went on trips with their owner. Scroll down to see how these two win at their friendship and travel goals, and if you wish to see more, drop by their Instagram page.











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