This Golden Retriever Floating On Pool Noodles Is More Relaxed Than We’ll Ever Be

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This sweet golden retriever has figured out the perfect way to spend these long summer days.

In an adorable clip, the clever pup is seen casually floating around a pool on top of several pool noodles.

The golden looks incredibly relaxed as it gently glides through the water.

The pup is so relaxed that it doesn’t even react when the pool-noodle-throne floats into a large beach ball and sends the ball bobbing away.

The cute video has been spread far and wide and replayed again and again.

Everyone seems to enjoy the sweet and calming atmosphere the clip gives off.

It’s such a wholesome scene, and it makes us wish that we, too, could be that chill.

Casually hanging out in the pool on a sunny day, slowly gliding around while fully supported by comfy pool noodles – now that’s the dream!

Here’s the sweet and relaxing clip in all its simple, wholesome glory:

Just another day relaxing in the pool.

The chilled-out pupper has definitely made many of us feel very happy.