Puppy Looking For A Forever Home Smiles At Everyone Who Passes By Him At Shelter

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Burreaux is a sweet little pup who’s currently a resident at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana’s rescue facility.

The pup, alongside his two siblings, came to the shelter in search of a forever home and he’s confident that his winning smile will get him a family in no time.

The sweet pup happens to be quite the charmer and likes to flash people a big smile in the hopes that it’ll score him a home.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

His quirky smile has already accomplished quite a bit for him and his siblings; Burreaux was originally living in a kennel managed by animal control when Courtney Wingate spotted the smiley pup.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Wingate is the director for HSNWLA and when Burreaux gave her a big smile she knew that she had to bring the charming pup and his siblings with her to the rescue centre.

She was determined to find them all good homes.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

But before Burreaux had even had a chance to readjust to his new life at the rescue centre, he got sick and had to be taken to the animal hospital.

Thankfully, he recovered from his health scare and was eventually able to properly settle in at the rescue with his brother and sister, Joe and O.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Burreaux didn’t let his little set back get him down and once he was safely back at the shelter, he was all smiles – literally.

Whenever anyone looked his way or spoke sweetly to him, he would flash them his biggest, goofiest grin.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

His big, toothy smile has proven downright infectious and it’s now melting everyone’s hearts.

“It’s like he’s telling you, ‘Come pet me, come love me’” a volunteer at the shelter, Sarah Walton, told The Dodo.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Burreaux’s brother, Joe, has already found his forever home.

When the pups were ready to start looking for their forever families, the shelter posted a video featuring Joe playing fetch and he immediately won a lucky family’s hearts.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Inspired by Joe’s success, the shelter decided to showcase Burreaux special talent: his unique smile!

They shot a video of Burreaux grinning at the camera and, after posting it online, the video soon went viral.

We’re sure that with all the attention Burreaux’s endearing smile has brought himself and the shelter, he and his sister will soon find their own perfect forever homes.

After all, nobody could possibly resist this adorable smile: