Police Officer Saves Mama Duck And Her Ducklings Who Got Lost In The City, And Stops Traffic To Guide Them To The River

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A duck mom and her ducklings are the protagonists of a nice story that took place in Milan, Italy, earlier this week.
They got lost in the city, and were struggling to find their way back to the Darsena, the dock were Milan’s two small rivers meet.
A police officer spotted the ducks and protected them, stopping the cars and guiding mama duck and her ducklings through the busy streets until they finally reached the water.
Many passersby followed the officer and the ducks, taking pictures of this unique event, that ended in the best possible way.

A mama duck and her ducklings were struggling to find their way back home in Milan’s traffic.

They somehow got lost and were probably scared by the unfamiliar environment.

A kind-hearted officer took care of them, stopping the traffic when necessary

And guiding them to the Darsena, the place were the city’s two rivers meet.

Here is mama duck with her ducklings.

Many passersby got curious and followed the rescue of this adorable family.

Luckily they got in a quieter area.

Just a few more steps and they’ll be safe.

Almost there…

Finally they reached the water, safe and sound, far from the traffic.