Police Officer Rescues Two Kitten Siblings And They Won’t Stop Cuddling With Him

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Two little kittens have found a new home after the long arm of the law extracted them from an unexpected hiding place.

The fluffy siblings were holed up behind the bumper of a woman’s car, and she sought help from Officers Hillard and Adkins who happened to be walking past.

Arlington Police Department

They were happy to be of assistance and got down on the ground to get a look at the two stowaways.

The woman had no idea how the pair of little strays had gotten inside her car.

Arlington Police Department

Adkins gently reached in and managed to lift the kittens out.

The kittens were meowing loudly but didn’t seem to be hurt.

Arlington Police Department

Adkins had recently won a prestigious award: The South District Officer of the Year Award.

At that time, he’d gotten to bring home a beautiful trophy.

Now, he was about to bring home something even more precious: two tiny kitties.

Arlington Police Department

First, Adkins brought the sibling pair to the vet to make sure that they were okay.

They were clearly very young so it was important to get them properly checked out.

The whole ride to the vet, the kittens never stopped cuddling with Adkins.

Arlington Police Department

At the vet office, Adkins bottle-fed the hungry pair and learned that they were only 6 weeks old.

By now, there was no way that Adkins could give the pair up. They had snuggled their way into his heart, and he would not let them go.

The vet assured Adkins that the kittens were healthy, so Adkins was free to take them home.

Arlington Police Department

When it came around to naming the new additions to his family, Adkins came up with a great idea: TJ and Max.

Because it just so happens that the only reason Adkins was walking past the car that day was that he’d been investigating a shoplifting incident at a local store named – you guessed it – Tj Maxx!

Shoplifting brought the three together, but all these cuties have stolen are all of our hearts.

The cuddly pair now lives with Adkins and his family and are finally as safe and sound as can be.

Arlington Police Department