Police Department Lets People Pay Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food To Shelter

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Muncie Animal Care & Services is an animal shelter based in Indiana. For years, they have provided animal adoption and animal control services.

Recently, the shelter is facing a slight dilemma. Currently, they already have 350 cats and kittens housed at the shelter. However, more strays are still being brought in.

With an influx of animals comes more demand to provide enough food and supplies for all of them. Fortunately, the Muncie Police Department decided to help.

On July 15, they tweeted their clever idea. The police department started allowing people with unpaid parking tickets to donate cat food to the shelter instead of paying the fine with money.

Currently, the shelter’s primary need is cat food, but people with unpaid tickets can also opt to donate cat litter or paper towels. Also, the shelter cats needed beds and blankets to sleep comfortably.

To properly pay off their fines, the donation should amount to the unpaid ticket fee. At the time, those with parking tickets could either drop off their donations at the shelter or arrange for the local police to pick up the donation.

Fortunately, all parties involved were happy to support the initiative, and officials immediately agreed to help the shelter. The cat donation campaign only lasted a few days, but it was successful.

Luckily, the donations were enough to provide for the cats. According to the Muncie Police Department’s Facebook post, people who didn’t get parking tickets made donations, too.

Muncie Animal Care & Services

Today, people are praising both the police and the shelter for their partnership. Further, people left comments suggesting that other police departments should adopt this practice.

Muncie Animal Care & Services expressed their gratitude towards the Muncie Police Department and the people who supported their cause. Also, the shelter invited everyone to donate and adopt, so the shelter animals can find their forever homes.

Muncie Police Department
Muncie Animal Care & Services
Muncie Animal Care & Services
Muncie Police Department
Muncie Police Department

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