Loving Pit Bull ‘Knocks’ On His Owner’s Door To Tell Him That A Stray Cat Wandered Into His Dog House To Have Her Babies

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Pit bulls have, unfairly, gotten a bad reputation.

Many people assume that pit bulls are inherently aggressive and dangerous, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pit bulls are naturally gentle and loyal dogs, and in the right hands, they make wonderful pets.

Just look at this sweet pup named Hades, who has proved himself to be incredibly loving and compassionate.

Juan José P. Flores

Hades and his pet-dad Juan José P. Flores live together in Mexico and the two of them make a great pair; they both have kind, loving souls and don’t hesitate to help those in need.

For example, Flores has for a long time been feeding a stray cat that’s been living in his neighbourhood.

The cat has always been wary of people and hasn’t let Flores get too close to it, but by leaving out food for the cat he’s at least been able to do something to make her life a bit easier.

Juan José P. Flores

And Flores’s gifts have not been unappreciated. In fact, after some time, the cat must have begun to understand that Flores cared for her and that she could trust both him and his pup.

Because, recently, Hades approached Flores with some important news; the cat had moved into Hades’s dog house.

Juan José P. Flores

After finding the cat in his little house, Hades went and knocked on the door to the big house to let Flores now about their visitor.

He was whining outside the door to catch Flores’s attention, and once Flores came out, he led him to the doghouse.

Flores was confused but followed Hades, and when he saw that the stray cat had made herself comfortable inside the doghouse, he understood why Hades had asked him to come outside.

Juan José P. Flores

And Flores soon realised why the elusive kitty had suddenly decided that it was time to trust him and Hades; she was heavily pregnant and needed a safe place to birth her babies.

Hades was very excited to have a guest and was determined to make her feel safe and protected while she had her babies.

Once she went into labour, Hades guarded the door for her and even brought her one of his blankets to make her more comfortable.

Juan José P. Flores

The beautiful mama cat gave birth to two perfect little kittens, and after the birth, she and her little ones moved into the big house with Flores and Hades.

There, she and her babies have been pampered by both Flores and Hades, and they’re all doing very well.

The mother cat, who’s been named Nicol, has already begun building a beautiful friendship with Hades and is so happy that she chose to trust him and his dad.

Juan José P. Flores

When they kittens are old enough, Flores will help Nicol’s babies find their perfect forever homes so they never have to struggle the way their mother did.

And sweet little Nicol will get to spend the rest of her life living happily with her new best friend Hades and her new pet-dad Flores.

Hades kindness has resonated with a lot of people online.

Hopefull more people will realize how sweet pit bulls can be!