Photographer Proves Real-Life “Fairy Forests” Exist, And They Are In Finland

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Ossi Saarinen is a 21-year-old wildlife photographer from Finland. His main subjects are the animals that populate the Finnish forests, and the way he portrays those locations and their wildlife is getting a lot of attention online.
Saarinen has already garnered 145,000 followers on Instagram, he has published a book (only in Finnish, for now), and is getting more and more popular each day.
If you take a look at the photos, you’ll immediately understand why. His work shows Finland from a different perspective than the cold place people usually imagine. Sure, we all know that most of the country is covered by forests, but not many of us think about Finland the way Saarinen depicts it.
Ossi spends countless hours waiting for foxes, bears, otters and other animals to appear, regardless of mosquito bites, cold weather or rain. The result is a portfolio of images that depict Finnish woodland as a real-life “fairy forest”.
If you, just like us, fell in love with Saarinen’s work, see more of it on his website and Instagram.
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