People Can Now Adopt Retired Air Force Working Dogs

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The Air Force officials at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland have reached out to the public and called for people to adopt retired military dogs.

After having served their country, the furry veterans are in need of loving homes to enjoy their retirement.

Both military members and civilians are encouraged to adopt a dog; they just need to be prepared for the fact that the process can take up to two years and that there are certain requirements that need to be met.

For example, people who’d like to adopt need to have a six-foot fence and good references.

They can’t already have more than three dogs, and they can’t have children under five.

They also need to answer questions about how they plan to care for the dog, including providing information about their chosen veterinarian.

Pet adoption is becoming more and more popular as people have become aware of the millions of animals who need a home, and of the problematic nature of buying animals from a shop or breeder.

However, most people are more interested in adopting a puppy or young dog than an adult or senior dog, and this trend is noticeable when it comes to military dogs too.

The U.S. Army –

The Air Force notes that many people are more interested in adopting the puppies that didn’t make it through the program, and less interested in dogs who’ve completed their service.

However, by adopting a veteran dog, you get a dog who’s incredibly well-trained and could even save you from trouble.

The U.S. Army –

People can email or call 210-671-6766 if they’re interested in adopting one of the dogs.

We hope all these hard-working pups get to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

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