People Are Sharing Hilarious Facts About Their Dogs And Cats, And These Are 18 Of The Best Ones

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The beautiful thing about having a pet is that you never have to be bored.

The wonderful little furbabies we’ve taken into our homes and our hearts all have their own personalities, habits, temperaments and their own little quirks. And often, these quirks are downright hilarious.

Online, people have been sharing some very sweet and funny facts about their pets, and here are some of our favorites below.

1. My Japanese cat loves to sit near my rice cooker and smell the steam of freshly cooked rice.

2. My cat secretly coats all my pant legs with fur.

3. My pup cries if I don’t tuck him in before I go to work.

4. My pup insists on squeezing into small spaces, so we had to make him a DIY bed under the printer.

5. My cat is crazy about blanket forts.

6. Whenever I’m sad, my cat tries to make me laugh.

7. Moose got a ride to the restaurant. He wanted a steak.

8. My parents’ pup is determined to use the ottoman, even though he outgrew it.

9. My pup loves the bathtub and my cat loves my pup.

10. All my cats are hunting the same moth.

11. When you sit next to her, my pup insists on holding your hand.

12. My cat constantly looks like she just remembered something upsetting.

13. My friend’s cat likes to stretch.

14. My dog was psyched when his GF from across the street came over for Valentine’s day.

15. My pup got so nervous at the vet that her paws began pouring sweat.

16. My cat’s best friend moved away, but they stay in touch through weekly FaceTime sessions.

17. Ever since we got a bigger tub, our cat’s been worried about our safety.

18. My pup likes to sit in a very unique way.