People Are Buying Doll Arms For Their Chickens, And The Results Are Hilariously Weird

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For many of us, there’s a divide between “farm animals” and “pet animals” and chickens usually fall in the “farm” category.

But for some people, keeping a chicken as a pet is apparently the most natural thing in the world.

And perhaps they’re on to something, because people seem to have a lot of fun with their feathery friends.

A new trend has popped up online and it is weirdly funny; people are buying doll arms for their chickens.

Chickens are already pretty funny-looking when you think about it: with their floppy combs, jittery movements, intense eyes and fluffy bodies. But when you add two doll arms to the mix they go from funny to hilarious.

The trend started after someone sent a woman named Shell Critter a pair of “chicken arms” in the mail, as a gift to her pet chicken. Shell found them hilarious, posted a picture off her chicken strutting around with her new arms, and soon, people online began posting pictures of their own chickens sporting the hilarious accessory.

The chicken arms consist of two plastic arms held together by a wire. When you rest the wire on the chickens back, the arms hang on each side of the chicken’s body, making it look like a swole gym-rat.

Luckily, there are plenty of doll arms for sale on Etsy, so joy and hilarity are just a click and a piece of wire away.

Chicken arms are everything we never knew we needed.

Shell Critter on Facebook

The perfect mix of funny and completely nonsensical.


All you need are two plastic arms and a piece of wire and you’re good to go.


Everything started with a funny gift…

Shell Critter on Facebook

… and now a one-time gag has taken over the internet.


There’s nothing like silly humor to bring people together.