Nissan Reminds Drivers To Knock On The Hood To Check For Sleeping Cats Before Turning The Car On In Wintertime

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During the winter months, many cats like to shield themselves from the elements by curling up under the hoods of cars.

This is extremely dangerous for the cats as someone might start their car totally unaware that there’s an animal hiding under the hood.

Since there’s no use telling cats what to do or what not to do, it is up to us to make sure that our hoods are cat free.

Not everyone is aware that a simple a knock on the hood could save a cat’s life, and so Nissan has released an equally adorable and important video, filled with tiny kitties, to remind drivers to give their hood a tap before driving off in winter.

Cats are attracted to the hoods of our cars due to the residual heat from the engine.

By giving the hood of your car a couple firm knocks you could their life.

Cats can get into the narrowest places.

So it’s important to always check your car when winter comes around.

Watch the full video here: