Nike Is Going To Launch A Hijab Collection, Developed Together With Muslim Athletes

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Athletes and non-athletes alike from all over the world are head-over-heels with Nike sportswear. Their top quality shoes and activewear do not sacrifice personal style, so it is only about time they release a culturally-inclusive item of sports clothing like the Nike Pro Hijab. Known to have been created in collaboration with Muslim athletes, this new release is made with Nike’s single-layer power mesh. It is said to be their most lightweight, breathable, and durable cloth. Although many have expressed interest at Nike’s announcement, some are skeptical. Whichever side of the spectrum you are in, this is still definitely a win for cultural inclusivity. Good job, Nike.
(h/t: buzzfeed)

The Nike Pro Hijab is designed in collaboration with women who wear the hijab on a daily basis

Keeping in mind comfort, style, and versatility, the Nike Pro Hijab is a pull-on design that will be released in a variety of dark colors

It will be easy to match with the rest of the outfit, airy, and lightweight!

Zahra Lari is one of the athletes who worked with Nike to design the sports hijab

The announcement of its upcoming release stirred netizens

Although many are excited, a few have doubts about the design

Ultimately, though, it’s still something to look forward to!