Newborn Baby Chameleon Doesn’t Realize He’s Already Out Of His Egg

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Canvas Chameleon is a pet shop in Reading, Pennsylvania, which breeds and sells Panther chameleons.

Panther chameleons are incredibly interesting animals and they are known for their beautiful, vibrant colours.

Panther chameleons change the colour of their skin as a way to communicate, to regulate their body temperature, and to camouflage themselves.

Canvas Chameleon

When one of Canvas Chameleon’s new chameleons was ready to hatch, the little guy had to be helped out of his egg because he’d failed to break the shell properly.

Canvas Chameleon

When a chameleon doesn’t manage to open their egg properly, it can be fatal.

Therefore, a member of staff gently helped the little baby out of his egg.

But because he wasn’t expecting a helping hand, it took a while for the baby chameleon to realize that he wasn’t in his egg anymore.

Canvas Chameleon

As a result, Canvas Chameleon managed to capture a few incredible photos of the little guy while he was still folded up.

These photos were then featured on Bored Panda, and we think they’re amazing.

It’s so incredible to get a glimpse of what the chameleon’s look like while they’re still in their eggs.

Canvas Chameleon

After a while, the little guy realized that he’d gotten out and was happy to meet his newly-hatched brothers and sisters for the first time.

And his incredible baby-pictures have since gone on to spread joy to countless people.

Nature is truly amazing, even if it needs a helping hand sometimes.