Monkey Finds Tiny Kitten And Cuddles Him Like It’s Her Own Baby

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A series of pictures capturing an unusual display of motherly love has left our hearts melting.

When amateur photographer Anne Young visited Monkey Forest Park in Indonesia, she spotted a mismatched but adorable pair.

A Macaque monkey was cradling a little kitten and it was clear that the two shared a deep and loving bond.

Young snapped a few pictures of the sweet pair, and we’re obsessed.

The monkey cradled the kitten as if he was her own son.

Anne Young

And he cuddled up to her like she was his mommy.

Anne young

Interspecies adoption has been observed in many different species.

Anne Young

Some animals feel a deep urge to protect an injured or orphaned baby.

Anne Young

This stray would have been all alone if the Macaque hadn’t adopted him.

Anne Young

But now he’s loved and protected. What an amazing sight.

Anne Young