Mom takes emotional pics of her kids and animals in their enchanting farm

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Elena Shumilova is a photographer and mother of two children, Yaroslav and Vanya. They live together in the beautiful Russian countryside, near Andreapol.
She is becoming incredibly popular on 500px and Flickr because of her incredible photos of her kids and animals. These images seem to come straight from a fairy tale, as their atmosphere looks totally magical. Scrolling through the following gallery we are sure your heart will be warmed by the emotions that these pictures communicate. The scenery is absolutely stunning too, with a Russian countryside portrayed at its best.

What’s most incredible about Elena is that, according to a recent interview she did with Bored Panda, she’s quite new to photography, as she only started taking pictures in early 2012.
With her Canon EOS 5d MkII and a 135mm lens she was able to capture the simply things of life in a very emotional way. A bunny in her son’s arms, the innocent look of her kids playing freely in close touch with nature or the friendship with their dog are only some of the moments portrayed by this extremely talented photographer.
Once and for all, this is the proof that you don’t need a medium format camera or expensive lighting equipment to take powerful pictures that are able to excite the viewer.

Below you can see our favorite picks from her gallery. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, take a look at her 500px and Flickr pages.

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