Mom Farts In Yoga Class, And The Hilarious Story Is So Embarrassing You Might Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

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Laura Mazza, writer of the blog Mum on the Run, had just the right amount of guts to share on the internet her embarrassing moment at the yoga class. Laura is recovering from muscle separation, an issue that moms commonly get after pregnancy. Yoga was, recommended to her by her doctor to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.
So she enrolled herself into yoga, she got in the first class, and little did she know it was going to be her last.
While she was enjoying cracks in her back through random yoga poses, some bad gas slipped out and it stank like a “punch in the nose”, as how she puts it. That’s just the beginning, read on to see how the story progresses, and get ready to shed a tear or two while laughing you heart out.
(h/t: scarymommy)

This is Laura. She enrolled herself into a yoga class to get fit and fix the muscle separation she got after pregnancy. Unfortunately, she was also experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, causing trouble in her stomach, and leading her to her most embarrassing moment at yoga class.

Laura’s decision of sharing her story to the world wasn’t a bad idea after all. She got relief from knowing that she was not the only one.

People are laughing their hearts out and Laura’s story has been their source of joy.

It looks like Laura could have another shot at yoga.

The internet is trying their best to show sympathy but they just can’t stop laughing.

Laura’s brutal honesty pushed others to step out as well.

Some even thought Laura is super awesome for writing and sharing the story the way she did.

Everyone appreciated Laura’s story and loved her for being truly honest about her experience.